One of the best business opportunities in Indonesia is to invest into building or reconstruction of the real estates. Demand for buying or renting the villas and houses is increasing every year.


Despite the Covid-19 pandemic that slowed down the real estate market it turned out that Bali and Indonesia are still one of the most lucrative investment opportunities in SE Asia.


Real estate growth in Bali links directly to the tourism climate and due to Covid-19 pandemic tourism sector facing a stagnancy. As a result, property sales went to almost zero in the initial days of the pandemic.


However, some research shows from May 2020, increasing deals are being made and uplift from the poor situation seems to be seen. There is a prediction that Bali is going to become more attractive than ever for the foreign residents who would want a more balanced lifestyle after the stress they are facing during the pandemic.


Unfortunately, in Indonesia, your expectations do not often meet the quality of the provided service. Our team of verified construction managers, architects, and designers will gladly help you with a variety of services, from obtaining an IMB (building permit) up to the final design.