The mission of BALI MANIA INDONESIA is to provide consultations and assist people who would like to move to Indonesia (Bali) and need help with the first steps (find the villa etc.), or to people who are interested in a variety of investment and business options.


Before you start your business in Indonesia, it is important to get to know the culture, lifestyle, and business environment here first. Indonesians often have different habits and ways of thinking than Europeans etc. Therefore, it is often risky to start a business in this country without experience, understanding the law and regulations profoundly, or without having the right verified people.


Bali Mania Indonesia is providing you the following services:


  • Business Consultation,
  • Company Registration,
  • Visa,
  • Investment and Trading Services, 
  • Bali Business Development,
  • Development Projects.

Do you want to move to Bali, start your new life and business here safely and legally?

Contact us and we will help you with everything from the start.




Founder of Bali Mania CZ & SK

I moved to Bali 5 years ago and started the property business, building  villas, and later I also set up a basketball academy here. The main reason for establishing the company BALI MANIA CZ & SK was because I have acquired valuable experiences in the property business and got to understand Indonesian law profoundly.


I consider it important that people who move to Bali can avoid the unnecessary problems and unclear information in the initial stages of their life on this island, as well as mistakes in building their first businesses. I personally faced them, the same as many others who decided to move here. Within the last 5 years, I have surrounded myself with a team of amazing lawyers, accountants, real estate agents, and construction managers, who I fully trust and who are highly respected professionals in their field of expertise.


Co-founders of BALI MANIA CZ & SK 

Founders of Facebook group Češi a Slováci na Bali / Czechs and Slovaks in Bali

We came to Bali 9 years ago with a 10-months old daughter. The initial plan was to stay for one year. During this period we got to understand that Bali became our home. Since moving here our business has mainly been focusing on the tourism industry. Before the Covid-19 started our business model was based on providing 12 villas. In the actual situation connected with the pandemic, we still have our business running – 5 villas and a hotel that we built. We also have an e-shop in the Czech Republic focused on selling jewelry made by Balinese employers.


Later on, the second child – our son – was born here as well. During the last 9 years, we have answered hundreds of questions coming mainly from Czech and Slovak people who decided to live here alone or with their families. We feel like we have lots of experiences to share because we know the European clients well and understand what is possible and what is not on this island.


Accounting and tax advisory

I am dedicated to making life and business in Indonesia easier not only for local and foreign investment companies but also for expats and their families. With a decade of experience, I have a wide portfolio of clients from Asia, Europe, South America, and Oceania. I am specialized in expediting paperwork while ensuring adherence to applicable protean Indonesian laws and regulations related to Immigration, Taxes Accounting, Corporate Governance, and HR Management. I always work in close liaison with my clients in a polite, comprehensible, and casual language, respecting any eventual cultural particularities. 


Among the areas of my expertise that I have been working are importing goods and retails, health and nutrition, restaurants and food franchises, manufacturing, mining, IT companies, beauty salon, photo and digital printing, fitness center, interior design, security guard, educational, NGOs to support local farming and real estate. However, I will be glad to help you through all the processes to establish your company here in Indonesia no matter the area of your activity.


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