The exponential growth of property value in Bali is very attractive for foreign investors. The return on investment and capital gains on property in Bali has risen like never before. Stories about difficulties of owning property in Indonesia are common, and although numerous committees are discussing liberalizing ownership rules, Indonesian law does not yet permit foreigners to privately own freehold property. However, establishing PT PMA will open this opportunity for you and secure your investment to own property here in Bali legally. We will also gladly help you with finding the villa for short- or long-term rental.



Whichever part of Bali that sounds right for you for temporary stay or business purpose, both, short term and long-term rent (leasehold). 



Bali Mania Indonesia offers a full realtor service with our in-house legal team able to walk you through every aspect of purchasing real estate in Indonesia.



In the case that you do not use the villa at the moment  for your personal purpose and would like to rent it temporarily, we will gladly help you with our hospitality management service and contribute to maximizing your profit (Airbnb, etc.).



Thanks to the rapid growth of prices of real estate in Indonesia, Bali especially became an attractive investment opportunity. If you are interested we will be happy to help you find the perfect land to realise your dreams and goals.



Research says that average land prices in Bali started increasing exponentially since 2011 while the yearly percentage of the growth ranged around 34%. Since the massive demand and commercial transactions were happening now and then, yearly property prices increased by an average of 20% in most of the areas, and in popular areas, the prices increased up to about 40%.

Establishing PT. PMA (Foreign Investment Company) is the safest way for you to own a freehold property in Indonesia without any involvement of the Indonesian. We will gladly assist you with making your decision. Buy land and build your dream villa in Bali!

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